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This list of URL's provides information on some papers given by Dr McCaughan and press cuttings in which he is referenced.

In 2001 Dr McCaughan gave the "Barlow Lecture" at University College London

Also in 2001 Dr McCaughan spoke at the Institute of Physics Annual Congress on the topic of Managing Technical Risk in High Tech markets, a topic which he also addressed during Her Majesty the Queen's visit to Korea in 1999

During 2000, Dr McCaughan was President and COO of CDT Ltd in Cambridge, and references to his work in that company may be found in press releases , and in other press reports in The New York Times, and During 2000 there were a number of significant announcements by CDT eg with Seiko-Epson.

Dr McCaughan has also recently written on the subject of Engineering Education and spoken on Networking.

In his earlier period with Nortel Networks, he commented and presented frequently on the state of the art in satellite telecomms, in eg page 5 of "Satcomms Insider".

He has also taken part in seminars promoting peace in N Ireland in Canada in 1996.

He has chaired panels in Foresight for both UK Government (Chair ICM panel 2001/2002) and N.Ireland

For the last three years he has represented the Irish Academy of Engineering as the Irish judge on the European IST Grand Prize Jury.

He has written many technical papers and book contributions examples of which may be found in Phys Rev Letters. and "Physical Review" and the Electrochemical Society

Patents may be found at the US Government patents website. Some examples are US patents 3757119, 4000480, 4480488, 4803178, 6023762, 6055512, 6173282. Also see eg GB 2331821